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How we act

The members of Lions Club “Kaliningrad Central” gather twice each month on the regular meeting and also on the meeting of the Board of Directors. When our Lions meet, they discuss interesting and important problems. Our club actively exchanges bits of experience with other Lions Clubs. LC “Kaliningrad Central” has good-neighbor relations with the clubs from mainland Russia, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Denmark, Sweden and USA. Special attention is devoted to the relations with BSL – Baltic See Lions, the League of Lions Clubs of Baltic See Zone includes members of 9 countries. We donate the children's home in Bagrationovsk (a town in Kaliningrad Region) and also the boarding school in the suburbs of Kaliningrad. We expect to assist them more intensively and hope that our help will make the life if children fortunate.

Since 2001 we have been actively establishing and introducing the methods of charity and service activities used by the Lions Clubs International. Not all the means are applicable in our country, as the historical background of our country differs from the countries, where Lions Clubs have been existing for many years. We hope that gradually it would be possible for us to participate in LCI humanitarian programs. Especially we want to help young people develop essential life and citizenship skills, such as sound judgement, self discipline, acceptance of responsibility, ability to communicate with various age groups, ability to get along with others, critical decision-making ability with regard with regard to drugs and alcohol, and desire to serve others. As far as possible, our Club assists German Lions in their projects realized in our Region, which are directed to support Russian homeless children, orphans, and their rehabilitation.

We are conscious that fund raising activities need special efforts, especially in our country, but we are doing our best in searching for new methods of donating and getting money for charity needs, Now Lions Club “Kaliningrad Central” is going to establish a Leo-club. We want to take part in international youth exchange. We support the foundation of new Lions Clubs in the Kaliningrad Region. The only reward for every member of the Lions Club is a warm feeling of helping those who are in need!

29 августа 2010