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Our Purpose

Like most organizations, we exist primarily because of adherence to Attendance on all meetings of the Club. Unless illness or employment interferes, members are encouraged to attend as many meetings as possible. If you miss a meeting unavoidably, you can make it up by attending a club board meeting or meeting of another club.

The Charter members of Lions Club “Kaliningrad Central” are 20 citizens of the Russian Federation and two citizens of Germany and Holland. Now our club consists of 26 members, who came from different strata of society, developed a firm fellowship and obtained new friends.

Why have we established the Lions Club? First of all – to acquire support of friends; secondly – to help those in need who are not so successful in life; thirdly – because all of us show interest in the social, cultural and moral conditions of our society. We, people of various age, of different political and religious views and nationalities, have united to assist the proliferation of high ethical norms in business and social spheres, professional and private life. We hope, that with huge experience, high prestige and famous ideas of Lions Clubs International, we will be able to maintain and develop the principles of good will and friendship, support and charity, common understanding and respect.

The members of our club always keep in mind that people with high civil Consciousness should join our club. Our aim is to rouse your interest in economic situation and social spirit of your community (your house, street, district, town or region). We want to awake your participation and sympathy to the sick and orphans, blind and deaf, offended and needy, our youth and old people.

- Do you want to put something back into the community?

- Would you like fellowship and good times? Then we say… you are welcome!

Call Lions Club “Kaliningrad Central” Board of Directors: +7 (0112) 46-71-15; and you will hear “Welcome!”

Or Evgeny Grishchenko, Sr., secretary: +7 (4012) 53-94-74

29 августа 2010