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Four years in a row, the Lions Club "Kaliningrad Central" holds the tournament on mini-football among girls for «The Cup of Malvina". The main organizer of competitions - Lion Valery Kanzhibalov.The participating teams mostly consist of children from low-income families.

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Participants were welcomed by Malvina hereself. From the hands of Malvina, the winning team received the Cup and a set of sportswear, as well as souvenirs. The winners were awarded with medals and diplomas. The best scorer of the tournament Alesja Chuperka who had scored five goals was granted with an individual prize.

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Joint action with Baltic Sea Lions, 2003

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Assistance to found a new Lions Club in Sovetsk, the meeting of future Charter Members together with the German Lions from Schlesvig-Holstein and the BSL president Harald Draeger (in the center), October 2003.
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Joint action with Baltic Sea Lions

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The delivery of a generator from the Lions of Schleswig-Holstein to the Kaliningrad Cathedral (built 600 years ago), April 2004.
From left to right: club members Dirk Bolkestein, Evgeny Grishchenko, Max Levintas, Karlheinz Krause with his wife Elena.
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Donations to the boarding school # 7

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(Bolshoe Isakovo)
Sponsors - Eduard Leshukov and Sergej Fedorov.
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